What is Recovery Providers Network (RPN)?

Recovery Providers Network (RPN) is a Network Management Organization focusing on the development and management of specialty healthcare networks.  RPN was founded as the nation’s first network of Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Providers that deliver Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).  MAT combines medications and counseling/behavioral therapies to provide a “whole person” approach to the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder.  By setting clinical best practices for all RPN providers, we ensure a treatment environment with a “Patient First” focus.  RPN removes barriers for both Providers and Patients by coordinating access to quality care across a full continuum of services.

By analyzing performance data and clinical outcomes on all RPN providers we have the unique ability to consolidate and analyze industry data, share both clinical and business best practices, and open access to treatment across the United States.

RPN services include:

  • Billing consolidation and reconciliation
  • Patient outcome data tracking
  • QA/QI oversight
  • Regulatory compliance research and analysis
  • Updating best practices through intra-network data analysis

RPN is dedicated to delivering access to evidenced-based MAT across the United States.  Through our network of gold standard providers, RPN will continue to remove the barriers to quality treatment for millions of Americans.